Critic Under - About Us

We are passionate about our lifestyles, our families and our homes. We decided to do this website as a means to share with others our experiences, thoughts and ideas on other services and websites that we use in our quest to improve our environment.

Our website domain name was an accident if anyone was wondering. I wanted to register critic down under dot com but forgot the little word “down” in a moment of weakness. So we end up with, which I’m not too worried about because I think this site is more for me than anyone else.

As I write this, I am sitting in a van travelling south around 70-80 kilometers from the Egyptian city of Aswan. It’s 5am and out here in the middle of the desert there is nothing to be seen apart from the tail lights of cars in front of us.

I have to keep pinching myself to make myself remember where I am and it makes me think how lucky I am to have the tools to be able to share our home improvement and lifestyle improvement ideas with others.

We’ll also include tips and tricks along the way, as well as advice and recommendations on certain tradies and websites that we have found to be helpful. We have found that by using advice from others with experience, this has helped us to avoid mistakes which can be costly.

If you come across any content that you feel is not correct or you would just like to comment, please feel free to send us a message using our contact us page.