slate roof careAre you ready to get started on cleaning your slate roof?

The slate roof is magical and splendid but only whenever you make it clean! That is why you need to may be found in using a plan of action to obtain the cleaning process started.

Listed here are the guidelines to follow.

Do not walk on a slate roof as the slates can break under your weight. It is a common mistake that owners make but slate roofs are not the same as cleaning shingles or tiles. Instead, get a nice lengthy ladder and place it alongside the house. This will offer you enough reach to still get the hose to most areas.

Avoid strong powered pressure washers. Again, slate is a more delicate material to tiles or shingles and can be chipped or cracked. If your pressure washer has a power setting it may be fine to turn it down low and use that setting. You are better off with sticking to a consistent hose pressure and aim the water off of the slates so that the water gently rolls onto them.

It is important to remember you need to be patient and methodical when cleaning slate. Slate roofs usually are not like other roofs because they’re fragile against pressure. You have got to stay methodical when it comes to aiming the hose. If you have a light brush on an extendable handle this can also help to remove more stubborn marks.

As this is such a specialized job we do recommend you use an expert we personally recommend Gerard and his team in Sydney. You can find them at Slate Roofing Sydney.