Solar is one of the most exciting and fasting growing technologies around today. The solar power panel industry has really removed forward and we are seeing an increase in efficiency as well as a decrease in pricing. It is an excellent way for homeowners to cut their fossil fuel use, however they don’t come without drawbacks. There are indeed some problems that can arise form solar panels and here we are going to have a brief look at those.

Energy storage – Solar energy panels are used to convert sunlight into energy that will be saved in batteries. The energy within these batteries is then employed to power the devices at home. While we have advanced significantly in battery technology, our ability to store solar power remains to be quite limited, we have seen some great advancements in the USA with solar city batteries but many other countries such as Australia’s have been left without any real option. This makes relying on solar power very hard, particularly for the average homeowner who probably do not want to invest in huge battery stacks effective at storing the level of energy needed to have them through time periods when entry to sunlight can be limited. While this isn’t a problem with solar panels themselves, it really is a problem nonetheless. If you are in Australia visit the tesla website with the option for the powerwall

Hotspots – Hotspots are sections of your solar power panels that can overload and get too hot. This can be typically due to poor soldering and structural defects within the solar power cells in that spot. After a while, hotspots will reduce the efficiency in the solar panel itself and will likely shorten its lifespan also. Considering how expensive solar power panels are, you would like them to last so long as possible to find the biggest bang for your buck. Get a solar roofing professional to make sure that the job is done right the first time.

Birds and other pests – Homeowners with solar power panels attached to their roofs have noticed birds and also other animals like to build nests in and around the panels. Almost any animal activity on or around solar energy panels can harm them, resulting in poor performance. This performance can be impacted by something as minor as bird droppings covering the panels. This problem is easily solved but does require you to get a professional roofer or to get n the roof yourself to clear any nests and clean the panels.

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