designing a bathroom

When you are thinking of designing your bath room, it is very important note that it is a room you make use of every single day. You ought to design it in a manner that is functional and easy to clean and maintain. Here are some tips on how to design a bathroom.

Proper Drainage

A bathroom that drains water too slowly can be a nightmare. For this reason, it is crucial that the drainage is effective and it can remove the water quickly and efficiently. It is additionally crucial the drain cover has adequate holes that will not get easily clogged by debris. A professional plumber such as Plumbers Geelong can help you to achieve the correct drainage solutions

Designated Hanging Area

It is important to get a hanging area which is far enough away from the shower or bath but still in easy reach. This will likely ensure that the towels and bathrobes will not get wet while you are showering. Put the hanging hooks inside an area where there will be less splashing water if you are showering. There are a wide range of hanging designing including heated options for that luxurious finish. You need to have got a space to put a compact bathroom mat to step on after showering.

Easy to Clean Tiles

Do not choose bathroom tiles which can be challenging to clean and take too much time to dry. A wet bathroom is risky simply because you could slip and fall. Get recommendations from the tile supplier about the best tiles for the restroom. They should be simple to clean but still attractive. You will find that there are specially made tiles that are designed for the bathroom area.

Bathroom Layout

The design should fit the room you have, it is a great idea to have the exact measurements of the area before you start the layout process. You need enough room to manoeuvre without knocking things over. When you have a really small space, consider sliding glass doors for the shower area instead of one which opens outwards or inwards. Ensure your layout is not too costly either. You can find some great layout and design ideas on Pinterest.

Bathroom Lighting

This really is a key section of the design. You do not want a bathroom that is too dark. Make sure that the light bounces away from the mirror properly for minimal shadows while you are looking in the mirror. If your apartment or home is a bit dark, choose colorful tiles plus a good overhead light. This may reduce chances of the toilet being too dark also.