Critic Under - FAQsWelcome to our Living Free and Clear Frequently Asked Questions page. The goal of this page is to provide a collection of information for anyone wanting a quick direction without reading through all of our blog posts and wading through text to find a small snippet of what they’re after.

However, our website is very young and new and we’re yet to receive any substantial traffic; if we are to ever get some. Consequently we don’t have any frequently asked questions that I can dedicate a full webpage to.

In time however, as the questions come in and we can identify certain topics or areas of interest that are popular, we will rebuild this page so that it is structured around these topics and items of interest.

We’ll keep a log of questions that get asked and collate those ones which are interesting and helpful to others and document them on this page. And we’ll add information that we believe is helpful to others to help build the content on this page.

We endeavor to ensure our content is accurate, unique and original, however sometimes we make mistakes. If you find any errors please drop us a note using our contact us page.

So end of the waffle, following here is our “useful” information…

Why Did You Do This Website?

We’re just nice people who like to share. We think our experiences, thoughts and ideas could be helpful to others in their own quests for lifestyle and home improvements. Even if it triggers some ideas of your own then we believe we have acheived our goal.

We’re not expecting to get rich and famous from the site. Living Free and Clear is just a platform of expression for us.

Are You A Tradesman?

Absolutely not and our content should be taken and used at your own risk. We recommend that you seek professional advice anytime you have a situation that is beyond your means. Our content is from our own experiences which makes to form our opinions which may or may not be correct in terms of the correct ways to do things professionally.

This is one reason we believe our information could be helpful to others as we try to explain things from a laymans perspective.

What do you know about Roof Restorations?

That’s a fantastic question. Through our work we know many roofing companies and have come to know the roofing industry a little. Our team has created great relationships with some of the finest rooing companies around the country which we are very proud of.
Our roofers provide many services including roof restorations, roof replacements, roof cleaning and painting, roof repairs, slate roofing, gutter installatons and replacements and much more.

I can not recommend enough using the services of one of our roofing contractors to carry out a roof replacement or a roof restoration to your home if your roof is looking a little bit tired and worn out. They’ll carry out any repairs needed, inspect all areas of your roof including gutters, eaves, ridges and valleys.