ladder safety

In the United States, around 500,000 people have ladder related accidents every year. This number is very unfortunate and can be avoided. Safety around ladders is critical as well as safety when conducting work on roofs. If you are considering doing this sort of work or even just using a ladder, ensure you understand and exercise the following safety tips;

Initially, ensure you follow the three point contact rule. This rule is very simple and self-explanatory yet its importance is significant. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is very easy to exercise and understand. It states that you are always required to have three points of contact with the ladder at all times. Usually this takes the form of two hands on the ladder and always, at least, one foot on the ladder. At all times.

It is natural to think that, of course, you should keep one foot on the ladder! But that considers the fact that I have two hands on the ladder. This may be an issue if you have nothing to carry your tools. So how are you going to get your tools up if you can’t carry them?

You can supposedly make use of a tool belt, allowing for you to not have to directly carry a few tools but having most of your tools around your waist and keeping both of your hands free.

Another issue with ladders is when people are not aware of surrounding electrical lines. Especially when moving a long ladder around. Always ensure you are aware of any electrical lines and that everyone you are working with is aware of their positioning.

It is not uncommon to just forget these simple tips, even more if you are in a rush. However, you want to ensure you are ever working in a rushed state and that you are avidly aware of everything around you and what you are doing. Ensure that the ladder is stable as well as that it is the correct size that the job requires. Using the incorrectly sized length when working on a roof can result in unnecessary injuries.

Additionally, ensure that you are facing the ladder at all times when you are using it. Given that you follow the above rules and tips, you will be easily and safely using a ladder with minimal risk of injury. Still, make sure you exercise caution at all times and that you are aware of everything around you to make sure no accidents occur. Doing all this allows for low risk, no injuries and that you are able to get all the required work done.