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Thanks to Dave from Roof Restoration Newcastle for some of the material in this post. It’s truly amazing how much we neglect our roofs, and especially in the Newcastle region where most buildings are getting on in age along with their roofs.

A roof is a critical component to a building, this is obvious. Then why is it no one ever really pays attention to it unless there is a water leak or ┬ásome other defect? My view is that is simply a case of out of sight, out of mind. Most roofs are not entirely visible from the ground level, and if you’re anything like me, you probably don’t spend a lot of time on your roof.

The problem here then becomes that once a problem such as a leak is detected, it is usually an indication of wear and tear on the roof and a sign that more problems are to come.

Dave explains that this is why it is crucial (well, if not crucial then at the very least it will save you money in the long term) to have your roof inspected on a regular basis. An inspection can be done yourself or you can have a professional roofing company such as Roof Restoration Newcastle carry it out for you.

Dave’s tips for carrying out a DIY inspection include;

Check for Cracked, Missing or Dislodged Tiles

For tiled roofs, a quick but thorough walk around the roof checking for cracked or dislodged tiles and missing tiles will reveal any potential issues. A missing tile will be easy to spot and you probably are already aware of an issue because a missing tile will be allowing all sorts of wet weather into the house/building.

Dislodged tiles are also easy to spot because they will look different or the pattern will not be the same as the rest of the roof. As with a missing tile, a dislodged tile is most likely letting the rain which left will cause further issues internally.

If you spot a suspected dislodged tile, check it carefully to see if you can refit it without disturbing other surrounding tiles. Alternatively, give the professionals a call.

Cracked tiles are harder to spot and requires a closer or more thorough inspection. Hairline cracks will be almost impossible to find to the untrained eye but it’s worth a shot.

Dirt, Lichen and/or Moss

An excessive build up of dirt, lichen and/or moss can result in external damage to the tile surface. This problem is easy to spot and doesn’t require much explanation except to say that the removal will require professional roof cleaning – give the professionals a call if you have this issue.

Multiple of the above issues are enough to warrant an expert opinion and it is recommended to have a professional roofer come take a look at your roof.

Inspecting a Metal Roof

A metal roof, be it a colorbond roof or a tin roof, also requires regular inspections. Look for tell tale signs such as rust, which should be easy enough to spot. Also check for dislodged or roof sheets that are out of place or that are lifting.

An inspection of the retaining screws should also be carried out as they are susceptible to rust and corrosion as with the metal sheets themselves.

Carry out the inspections more regularly if your building is close by to the ocean.

Gutters and Downpipes

Obstructions to water drainage paths can cause internal damage by overflowing water. It’s equally important to check your gutters and downpipes, and also valleys in the roof, for obstructions such as debris, leaves, soccer balls, etc. We all know that leaves can build up quickly and apart from causing an obstruction to water drainage, will cause corrosion of gutters. This will result in an expensive gutter replacement job.

If possible, a DIY roof valley and gutter clean should be carried out regularly. Word of caution though – ladders are dangerous especially after a couple of beers – only use the ladder in safe situations and consider your safety first.

Remove the gutters of leaf and debris build up as soon as it is detected. As mentioned, leaf build up can result in gutter corrosion as the leaf material will retain water for long periods of time.

Internal Inspection

In addition to or instead of (if external DIY inspection is not possible) an external inspection, carry out a regular internal inspection. Check your ceilings carefully for discolored plasterboard/gyprock or painting. Water usually will stain these materials and if there is a leak in your roof then you should be able to see stains on your ceilings and the top of your walls.

It’s worth noting however that some animals such as possums hiding out in your roof can also cause these stains by going to the toilet in your roof.

If your walls or ceilings have signs of discoloring, it could be that your roof is leaking slightly in which case you will want to call in the professionals.

If you discover any of the above issues, or would rather the professionals carry out the inspection for you, Dave and his team from Roof Restoration Newcastle offer free inspections and quotes.

As with Stephen from Locksmith North Brisbane, Dave comes highly recommended by us. His team are professional and courteous and deliver an extremely great quality job for an affordable price.

The services that Dave and his teams offer include;

  • roof replacements, re-roofs and new roofs
  • tiled roof restorations
  • metal roof restorations
  • professional roof cleaning and roof painting
  • roof repairs
  • gutter & downpipe installations and replacements.

Dave says that no matter what your roofing need is that if you live in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley or Lake Macquarie regions you should give him a call to discuss your needs and he’ll be more than happy to give you some advice.

Thanks again to Dave from Roof Restoration Newcastle for his input on this article.