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Critic Under - Roof Restoration BrisbaneHey there. Previously we have spoken with Dave about roofing matters and in this article we’re going to continue on with some roof talk with input from Justin from Roof Restoration Brisbane.

In chatting with Justin, he starts off by saying “that most people simply don’t think about or consider their roof and the condition it is in”. This is his conclusion after 20 years in the industry. “Kind of gets a bit annoying when you’re expected to fix something in a hurry because they haven’t checked their roof in over 10 years”.

Time and time again, Justin gets called out for a leak repair which needs to be fixed super urgently but when he arrives, it’s easy to tell the roof has been touched for years. This kind of neglect will lead to more expensive repairs every time.

A good way to prolong the life of your roof and ensure it is operating at peak performance is to have a roof restoration done. But get it done before it’s too late. A roof restoration in Brisbane is a fraction of the cost of a new roof and will see your roof working well for another 10 to 15 years. If you carry out a roof restoration early enough, you’ll eliminate the need for costly repairs and anything that looks like trouble can be nipped in the bud early.

Problems with roofs will most always be like a snowball and cause more problems, maybe not just with the roof but other internals of your house. It can be stressed enough – get to your roof early and it will save you thousands.

Roofing issues aside, the other major consideration is the appearance of your roof. Your roof makes up a large area of your home’s square meterage so the impact it has on how your home looks is huge. A tired and/or dirty looking roof will bring down the appearance of your home. In fact, Justin believes that most people look at a home’s roof before they look at the rest of the house upon arrival.

The biggest contributor to a tired looking roof is lichen and algae. These pests are happy to grow all over your tiles, and once established they will continue to grow until they are eradicated. The worse thing about these annoying pests too is that they show up dirt very easy compounding the problem of a poor looking roof.

Again, it is suggested to get to the algae problem sooner than later. A roof restoration will take care of the problem – normally a high pressure cleaner with some heavy duty chemicals will be used to clean the roof prior to painting/sealing.

Another advantage of a roof restoration is that you have the option to change the colour of your roof. A different colour will completely change the looks of your home and will result in a fresh looking building. A roof restoration will also undoubtedly add value to your home – great if your considering putting your home on the market.

Roof Restoration Brisbane

Justin and the boys specialise in roof restorations but are happy to carry out all types of roof work, and to all types of roofs including metal and tile roofs.

Other roof services include;

  • Roof replacements, re-roofs and new roofs
  • Roof repairs
  • Roof cleaning and roof painting
  • Any type of gutter work.