roof cleanAs a home owner there are a number of things that you need to take care of with your property even if they are not the most enjoyable things to do. Looking after your roof is one of them! It can be a fiddly job as well as smelly, dirty and often at heights. A note to your safey, always do this when it is dry and calm. Wet roofs and windy days are a recipe for disaster.

Anyway, it needs to be done some here is the best way to do it:

Get Roof Restoration Brisbane to do it for you. Seriously, they will do a better job and its well worth the money.

Ok, ok. So you don’t live in Brisbane and you want to do it yourself. Here is the gist of the process.

Light wash

You need to get the bulk of the junk off of the roof so the you can spray a mold represent on. Use a pressure cleaner and a leaf blower (not at the same time) get rid of any debris and visible dirt, including twigs and leaves. Work your way from the ridge and move downwards towards your gutters. Do this first and then let the roof dry completely.

Chemical spray

Give it a good spray with some chemicals. You can get this at your local hardware shop. This will help to kill any left-over moss and stop it from coming back. For this you can use a pressure sprayer that you also get from your hardware store. Make sure to fully let the roof dry before moving on.

Heavy wash

The main purpose of this part of the process is to make it as clean as possible and to wash off the excess chemical. Use strong pressure to take out stubborn stains and dirt. Start at the very top moving down your roof. Make sure that you finish off with the gutters as the can get full of debris and covered on all the gunk coming off of the roof.