Everyone Needs Plumber Central Coast

Critic Under - Plumber Central CoastKeeping with our theme on invaluable local services, everyone needs a local plumber to rely on and John from Plumber Central Coast is your man.

Based in Erina on New South Wale’s Central Coast, John is a licensed and qualified and experienced plumber servicing the entire Central Coast region, including popular suburbs such as Terrigal, Wamberal, Erina, Gosford, and The Entrance.

This is one DIY field that I won’t mess with because I know the consequences of stuffing something up can be both very costly and inconvenient, not to mention against the law. These guys have to undertake years of study and on the job training to get their license so it’s not something a DIY’er can tackle armed with a YouTube video.

Services such as hot water and gas lines run under pressure and can cause serious injury if not handled correctly and with the proper tools. Other plumbing services such as storm water need to adhere to strict regulations setup by the Australia and NSW governments.

Over the years I have used the services of a few different plumbers when needing work done around the house such as installation of a new hot water system, installation of a gas bayonet for gas heating, and relocation of storm water drainage. Unfortunately I’ve had a couple of negative experiences but once I found John from Plumber Central Coast I haven’t bothered to find another plumber again.

John’s service is both reliable and prompt, I’ve never had to wait lengthy periods of times and my projects have been completed thoroughly and at a fair price. John pretty much always provides me with an upfront quote so I know what to expect before hand and is usually apologetic but very honest about any unexpected challenges.

He’s told me many stories about failed DIY plumbing attempts, some which are quite funny to listen to but not for the subject person. In most cases, the failed attempts have resulted in a costlier job than what it would’ve been if the plumber was called in the first place.

Many people think they can just pick up a wrench (aka a shifter in Australia) and tighten the leaking people. Often this results in over tightening and possible breakage of the pipe which is not good news.

Simple things such as this happen everyday requiring the services of a professional plumber to come by and rectify. Any plumbing or gas fitting job is truly a job for the professionals.

If you reside anywhere on the Central Coast, we highly recommend the services of John from Plumber Central Coast. Services that are offered by John include;

  • residential and domestic plumbing services
  • commercial and industrial plumbing services
  • hot water systems – installations and servicing
  • gas plumbing and fitting
  • blocked drains
  • gas stove installations and replacements
  • bathroom renovations and installations
  • kitchen & laundry renovations and installations.

In addition, of course John handles your good old leaking taps and toilets.

Emergency Plumbing

John provides an emergency plumbing service should you need his assistance immediately. If it is an after hours problem, John can come onsite for a fee but if suitable for the situation can also advise you how to handle it until the following morning.

Storm Water Drains

John told me once that one of the most common reasons he gets called out for is broken storm water drains and blocked storm water drains. He says that usually occurs when people are digging in their backyard and do so without checking the location of their drainage pipes. I believe broken storm water pipes are illegal and must be repaired as soon as possible.

Gas Fitting

Gas fitting is also very common with the popularity of kitchen remodeling these days. Lots of home owners are opting for new gas stoves rather than the traditional electric stove, mostly in newer subdivisions and estates where natural gas has been piped to the house. Up until recent years gas was a lot cheaper than electricity but nowadays the difference is marginal.

Critic Under - Hot Water SystemHot Water Systems

Another popular service is the hot water system replacement service. Traditional hot water systems are bulky and expensive to run and these days new hot water systems are much more efficient and environmentally friendly. There are a range of hot water system types available on the market and the choice depends on area availability and budget.

John is available through the Plumber Central Coast website and is also available on social media sites such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.